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3 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Having just returned from Jamaica for a destination wedding, this time as the guest, I thought I would share a few key items that we always prep couples with to ensure their big day goes off without any fires to put out! Trust me, it’s much harder to put them out when you are out-of-country, especially if you are limited by transportation and familiar supplies.


Keep the kids busy – If you have flower girls and ring bearers in your bridal party make sure you have some activities to keep the kids entertained while the grown ups are getting ready. Kids can get bored very easily, especially when they are in another country without their usual go-to games and modern day electronics. When gifting your bridesmaids and groomsmen it’s a great opportunity to give the kids a gift that they can keep busy with on the morning of the wedding. We like gifts like the Pixel Loom Bracelet Kit for girls and the Meccano 5 Model Set – Motorbike for boys. Both can be found at Indigo.


Timely site visits – Make sure you test out the event locations at the time of day that you plan to entertain there. Whether it’s your ceremony on a beach or on the grounds of a resort. If your ceremony is at 3 p.m. you want to see how hot the sun is at that specific time of the day and how windy it might get. Take note of wind directions so that you and your wedding planner can set up the ceremony design based on the circumstance. We were lucky enough to squeeze in a site visit at the Royalton White Sands while a wedding was set up (see image below). It’s a great way to envision your day on the premises. Also, take note of seasonal changes, track what the weather is like in the country in the Fall compared to the Spring. It’s ideal if you or your planner can check out the venue during the same season you plan to host your wedding but not everyone has a full year to plan so talk to staff at the venue about what the weather is like during that time of year.

IMG_6619 Hydration – Many destination weddings take place in more tropical climates that have warmer temperatures than where your guests might be flying in from. It’s so incredibly important to make sure that you have water available to guests at their accommodations, at the ceremony locations and at the reception. It does’t need to be boring bottles of water. Arrange with your planner and the venues in advance to include some trendy water dispensers like the ones here that you can infuse with fresh fruits that match your colour schemes. It’s a small and affordable touch to elevate your event.


These are just a few of my key items to keep your big day moving smoothly when planned out-of-country. For more tips and tricks for destination wedding planning contact me at

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Summer Entertaining: Food + Beverage Tips

Author: Maria Guerra,  Instagram @GZMAP
Local Farmer's Market
Summer has arrived and the first thoughts that come to my mind are patio time, BBQ , picnics  and hot lovely days. Yes!!! I love this time of the year. Getting together with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors is awesome! but… how does one entertain without putting aside their healthy food habits? or I should say “Diet” which I avoid using because I believe eating healthy it is a lifestyle – a way to love yourself.
Vitamin Water
Follow these simple tips and your summer party will be a delicious, healthy success!
  1. Choose cooling food. During the summer  our bodies are warm and often  dehydrated.  Doctor Sandra Murphy (Naturopathic Doctor) advises to eat cooling and hydrating foods like raw food, vegetables, fruits and homemade vitamin water (lemon, orange, cucumber, berries, mint, etc. plus water.). If you are looking to make alcoholic drinks prepare your own cocktails, that way you can control the amount of sugar that’s in them. You can use raw honey or cane sugar as a sweetener. 
  2. Get in touch with the season. When you buy seasonal you get food at it’s peek nutrition! It also has a richer flavour, so get out there to check out farmer’s markets and support local food.  Summer time is the best time to get avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes , cherries, watermelon, melons, strawberries, peaches, corn, zucchini and lettuce. 
  3. Indulging your guest. Keep it simple, cool and light with assorted fruits or homemade popsicles!  There are many flavour combinations to explore, just use your imagination. For example  berries, coconut, peanut butter  & banana, lemon& orange,kiwi, etc .You can use as a base coconut milk, almond milk, Greek yogurt or whichever kind of milk you prefer. You can also add some veggies (carrots, beets or cucumbers)  to make them even healthier!!! You will need a juicer, Vitamix or a good blender for it. One great book to look at for inspiration on healthy desserts & snack options is Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon. 

Oh She Glows

Fresh Fruits
Here’s to a great summer of healthy entertaining!
Maria Guerra