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Maison Mercer

Friday June 6, 2014 was the official patio launch for the emerging hotspot: Maison Mercer. An evening co-hosted by the ‘in-the-know’ website that Young Professionals (YPs) can’t get enough of, It was the first of many great patio post-work evenings to come. Every Friday of summer Maison Mercer will be opening their rooftop patio to YPs who are eager to escape the office at the end of the work week. The launch was wildly successful featuring gorgeous pitchers filled with refreshing mojitos and sangria. Who doesn’t love a pitcher filled with summer inspired cocktails?

photo 1

To go with the snazzy cocktails Maison Mercer provided guests with complimentary BBQ for the immediate post work crowd. It felt like an evening at the cottage enjoying golden rays of sun long awaited from the deep freeze winter that hit Toronto. Looking around you would quickly be reminded that this is not the cottage. The expensive suites and power high-heels in attendance quickly reminded me that I was in the core of downtown Toronto, immersed by my fellow YPs. All of whom seem to be indulging in a pitcher or two as well.

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The space was very well designed, allowing for mini side conversation to occur in and around their seated nooks. It’s no wonder was behind this one, a sea of YPs meant it was inevitable for some attendees to talk shop and it was a good idea they did. I witnessed a couple of newly introduced partnerships between attendees.  Once upon a time business deals got made on the golf course…now it’s safe to say those deals are firming up over spiked pitchers on social rooftop patios.

A great kick off for their summer season.


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